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Your Property: The American Dream

Home ownership is awesome! When I ask our clients why they want to purchase a home, there are two popular reasons cited. First, choosing what to do with the property (paint, fix up, live undisturbed) and second, enjoy equity build up.

We recently took our grandson to the Hillsdale campus for a late afternoon walk in June. It was gorgeous! Due to COVID-19, the campus was quiet and we had it all to ourselves. We walked around and enjoyed the architecture, plants and statuary of some of the free world's great leaders like, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. The quotes offered with each personage spoke of freedom, liberty, rule of law and private property.

I’ve been thinking about private property and how important it is to us individually and for our country. Every day, we work with folks striving to have more choice over their living conditions as well as improve themselves and family financially. Our country was founded on this! It’s what motivates us individually and collectively. It is the American dream!

I’m grateful that Julie and I play a small role in helping families one at a time work towards and achieve their goals that include greater freedom and financial strength through property ownership.

Looking to get inspired? Check out the campus at Hillsdale College and the leaders that inspire the students there and/or contact us to start your journey of enjoying the American Dream!


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