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Tandem Biking and Buying a Home

Julie and I love bicycling! When we lived in Ann Arbor, we took the kids on a cross town tip via bicycle. Everyone had their own bike. We biked on sidewalks, crosswalks, bridges, and bike paths. Needless to say, with some of our younger children we were pretty nervous at several points on the trip. One of the challenges of the activity is communicating with each other. Each has their own bike, skill level, and energy. It was tough getting us to all move in the same direction. We eventually ended up where we needed to be, but it was a little rough along the way.

Purchasing a home can be similar to our cross town adventure. Everyone in the family has an idea of what they want in the home! A tool shop for Dad, craft room for mom, game room junior, yard for the dog, and only enough budget for 3 bedrooms and a bath! Communication is key! Identifying points of interest and discussing the pros and cons of each will go a long way to making your trip smooth and purchasing a home that everyone loves.

Today, Julie and I enjoy tandem biking. We love it so much, we’ve convinced family members and friends that it is more fun because it is so easy to communicate while riding. Both riders are close enough to talk and listen, effort is unified, and both of us are moving in the same direction. To get started, it requires clear communication and effort.

While helping folks with their real estate goals we facilitate and watch this communication process happen. There can be a lot of fumbling around at first as family members strive to learn what each wants, understanding the constraints, before the goal becomes clear. Once the goal is identified, it is only a short time later that the perfect opportunity arrives.

We love helping others have a great trip!


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