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Some Ideas to Check off Your Fall Checklist

Homes need maintenance! Inside, outside, gardens & equipment. As we transition from season to season, there are certain things that we should do. It may take a couple of years to find a rhythm, but once you do, you’ll sleep better at night knowing your things are in good shape, and ready. This short list may help you get started on a regular routine! Sleep well!

  • Clean out gutters & fix downspouts

  • Check roof

  • Check window & door seals

  • Inspect driveway & repair

  • Clean out garage & organize

  • Maintenance on equipment

  • Clean out gardens, move plants & empty planters

  • Fertilize lawn

  • Remove hoses from home & drain

  • Put away deck chairs, table, & check for maintenance

  • Maintain & place bird feeders

  • Check smoke detectors

  • Change furnace filters, clean furnace & area

  • Set up humidifier with new filters

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