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Does Your Real Estate Agent Fight for You, Your Lifestyle, Your Family, Your Investment, Your Goals?

(WE DO!)

Just a minute, while I pull out my soapbox to stand on and shout!

Today’s market is very competitive. Every agent knows it, sellers know it, buyers know it. Competition can be tough. There can only be one winner for each home. That winner will overpay - more than everyone else. It is what makes them the winner! A HOMEOWNER!

Buyer fatigue can set in, you can become discouraged and disappointed.

I have also witnessed agent fatigue. Agents may get tired of writing offers they are not certain they will win.

Buyer fatigue! Agent fatigue! THIS CAN NOT BE! Nobody is going to give you a home or a deal!

BUYERS - You are fighting for an opportunity that creates an improved living condition for you and your family. It is an investment that will build wealth for you and generations to come if handled well. Nobody is going to give that to you! You have to work for it.

Become well educated on the market through discussions with your agent and study of market data. Understand your resources, what you can use and what you can’t, then shop accordingly. Help your agent put together an offer that you can afford and are willing to do in context with the market.

I have spoken with several agents recently. They wanted to know if it was worth writing an offer on some of our listings. Is their offer worthy? Is it competitive? Of course it is, Duh! With multiple offers, things can happen, circumstances change and sometimes deals fall through. You can’t win what you don’t write a purchase agreement on!

Folks, if your agent is tired, worn out, can’t be bothered to write an offer, GET A NEW AGENT! If your agent is not your biggest cheerleader, GET A NEW AGENT! If your agent does not fight tooth and nail, use every resource you want to give it, use every clause to get the deal that will make your real estate goals happen, GET A NEW AGENT!

Competition is tough, there can only be one winner! A good agent will help you win and be a HOMEOWNER!

PS. - SELLERS - Be patient and understanding. It won’t be too long before you are in the buyer seat and subjected to similar circumstances.

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