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What Can You Expect From 2021's Real Estate Market?

Hello 2021! It's a new year filled with new opportunity!

What a strange year 2020 was! Words can not adequately describe it. Many put life on hold. Real estate had its ups and downs. It just about stopped dead in its tracks March - June, only to leap to life and sprint to the end of the year. Prices soared and buyers were left chasing opportunities only to be sidelined due to a lack of inventory. Described in one word, I’d call it a “Whiplash Market”. Seller-Buyer-Seller

2021 has finally arrived. A new year, a new opportunity. It’s time to dust yourself off, get spiffed up, and find those new opportunities. Looking forward, we have a continued seller market which may soften a little as we progress through the year. Sellers will enjoy significant price appreciation. To play the game well, careful pricing to be attractive, but not too high as to turn off potential buyers, may be a sound strategy.

Buyers will have to be financially strong to win the home of their dreams. Conventional loans are preferred by many sellers. The key this year will be to know your market and be competitive. If you have a knack for fixing things, there may be more opportunity for a deal.

There are plenty of opportunities in every market. You’ll have to work for them for sure, patience and diligence.

See the infographic below and check out the full forecast at: 2021 Housing Market Predictions and Forecast

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